Preserving the TaeKwonDo founders legacy through history

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About General Choi.com

General Choi.com has been set up by an independent party to help preserve the TaeKwonDo founders' legacy and work. We could not do this project without the sponsorship from the L.T.S.I. who are a U.K. TaeKwonDo group. General Choi Hong Hi is the person that gave TaeKwonDo to the world - he was a grandfather, father, brother and husband but, to millions of us around the world, he was TaeKwonDo's Founder.

The aim of this website is to collate images from around the world and add them to our library. We also ask that its users send in articles of your times with General Choi. We hope this will help others see all sides of the late founders achievements. Please send in articles and images and help us to help this project grow.


Many thanks

Chris (Admin)



So, what can you expect from this site?

  1. Regular archived information about General Choi visits to countries in the past
  2. Archived images from General Choi's past (childhood, teens and adulthood)
  3. Users memories in article format
  4. Image galleries of members with General Choi
  5. Masters listing (user submitted)
  6. Focus on General Choi's first Masters / Students of the art (and bios, where possible)

If you have images / articles of your dealings with General Choi Hong Hi and you want them showcased here, please send to and we will add them for you.

Disclaimer: www.generalchoi.com will not entertain political 'mud slinging' in any way. Our only aim is to preserve the Founders name via practitioners memories of him

News submitted will be checked by our sites admin, but any article seeming to attack other bodies will be rejected.

Unified I.T.F.: are recognising this site on an information only basis, as they see that we both have the same vision.

Regarding images: If an image is submitted, we will publish it, but if any third party puts claim to it, we will either 1) remove it from our database or 2) add the persons name as author (whatever resolves the issue).

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